You are a gifted engineer with a brilliant product idea. How do you get access to the global talent pool efficiently to get any start up off the ground? The blockchain technology can make that possible!

Bewildered Ventures is a ventures platform that utilizes blockchain technology to create and advance start-up companies. We identify the start-up ideas and help to set up virtual companies based on transparent smart contracts. Smart contracts define business rules and are executed on a public blockchain under certain conditions. For example, funds are only transferred if the majority of owners of the organization have digitally signed off on a transaction. By combining multiple smart contracts, virtual companies can be set up on a globally distributed ledger - a public blockchain.

The creation of a virtual company also involves creating cryptographic tokens representing units of ownership interest. Depending on the codified company rules, tokens are issued to stakeholders once measurable and verifiable milestones are completed.

Further down the line as the virtual company begins generating revenues or even profits, the contract will then allow token holders to trade their tokens to investors.

Bewildered Ventures provides the platform for quickly creating blockchain based virtual companies allowing engineering talent to work together on product ideas in a highly transparent and consequently trustful way.

Looking for a new way to make your product idea become a reality quickly, or are you looking for a challenge? Search no more, get in touch with us!